Sunday, November 06, 2016

Texas Sets A New Record In Early Voting In 2016

Early voting is now over in Texas, but even in this red state (which most believe is sure to go for Trump) there is a lot of interest -- enough to set a new early voting record. The charts above were made with information from the office of the Texas Secretary of State (which supervises voting in the state).

The top chart shows the number of early voters in the largest 15 counties of the state, and the bottom chart shows the percentage of registered voters who cast an early vote in those counties. Note that both the number of voters and percentage of voters easily eclipsed the 2008 figures (the year in which the previous record was set).

These 15 counties have 9,759,797 of the state's 14, 238,436 registered voters (about 68.6% of all Texas registered voters). Looking at them can be a very good gauge of what's happening statewide.


Here in Potter County, 18,415 people voted early -- about 33.5% of the 55,011 registered voters. That is a record turnout.

Randall County also had a record turnout with 40,637 people voting early -- about 50.5% of the 81,190 registered voters. A record turnout.

NOTE -- The city of Amarillo is in both Potter and Randall counties.

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