Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Trump Wins - America Loses

(Caricature of Donald Trump is by DonkeyHotey.)

Donald Trump has won the presidency. That is not a good thing. It means:

Xenophobia has won.
Racism has won.
Misogyny has won.
Religious bigotry has won.
Hatred and division have won.

And Putin has won.

This used to be a melting pot country. That is no longer true. Those who would divide us have won the day, and the biggest culprits are white voters. They have shown that they don't want a country where everyone is equal. They want their white privilege back, and they have elected a president they think will do that. I have never been more ashamed of my race (that majority of whites that oppose equality and praise hate).

The economy is also a big loser. Trump is a believer in the failed "trickle-down" policies of Reagan-Bush. He will give the rich and the corporations massive tax breaks while cutting necessary programs for the poor and working classes. He has said that will produce massive growth and job creation. It won't. It will destroy the economy and balloon the deficit and the national debt.

I have never been more afraid for this country.


  1. Unfortunately the USA now has the government the congress voted for because as I understand it the PEOPLE voted Hillary but the electoral college went to the orange hitler.

  2. I can't feel anything..can't cry, can't get angry..think I'm still in shock..and will stay this till he an that other horrible person are gone.

  3. First time in my life I am embarrassed and ashamed of America. Scared for my grandkids. All I can do is hope the next 4 years go by fast and hope he won't destroy the country, him and his yes men.

  4. Unfortunately, as the angry white men will soon regret, he has awful plans for America ideas and all the laxatives in congress to push the turds through easily. :(

    I'm ashamed and afraid.


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