Sunday, December 04, 2016

An 11 Chart Post Election Analysis Of The 2016 Election

Between November 10th and 14th, the Pew Research Center conducted their quadrennial post-election survey. They questioned 1,254 voters who voted in the 2016 election, and their survey has a margin of error of 3.4 points. These 11 charts are from that survey (and there's much more in their 6 page report of the survey). These are just the charts I personally found to be most interesting.

Note, in the top chart, that Donald Trump received the lowest marks of any winning president-elect since Pew has been conducting this survey. Only 30% gave him an "A" or "B" for the way he conducted his campaign -- 13 points lower than the 43% that gave Clinton an "A" or "B", and a lower score than any losing presidential candidate since 1992 (when George H.W. Bush also scored 30%). That's not good for someone claiming to have a mandate for his policies.

Low grades were also given to both parties, the press, and the pollsters. And 92% said there was more mudslinging in this campaign than in the past (20 points higher than the previous election high for mudslinging -- 2004).

I also found it interesting that 74% of voters had made up their minds about who to vote for by the conventions or shortly after them, and another 15% during or immediately following the debates. Only 7% said they made up their minds in the last week before the election.

Sadly, most people don't expect race relations to improve under a Trump administration, and most don't think relations between the two parties will improve. And both parties seem to be moving toward more partisanship -- with most Republicans wanting their party to be more conservative, and most Democrats wanting their party to be more liberal.

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