Sunday, May 07, 2017

States Voting For Trump Hurt The Most By GOP Health Bill

If there was ever an example of a politician shooting himself in the foot, it has to be Donald Trump's support of  the GOP's health care bill that narrowly passed in the House. One of the changes to the bill (to please the "freedom caucus") was to allow states to do away with the requirement to cover pre-existing conditions (and replace that with inadequate "high-risk" pools).

They effect of this will be to deny insurance to many with pre-existing conditions, or to price insurance out of their reach. Trump went along with that onerous amendment to the GOP bill, but it turns out that the states that will be most affected by that odious amendment are states that all voted for Donald Trump (see chart above).

It makes no sense to me that Trump would support a bill that would punish most the states that voted for him -- but then, almost nothing that Trump has done makes sense to me.

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