Sunday, August 13, 2017

Charlottesville Shows Racists In U.S. Are Getting Bolder

On Friday night, and again on Saturday morning, hundreds of KKK members, White Supremacists, militia members, and other racists gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia. It was the largest gathering of racists in decades -- and shows that perverse movement is still large and is getting bolder.

Why are they now coming out from under their rocks and are no longer ashamed to openly spread their hate? It's because they believe they have a friend in the White House -- and that his election means a lot of Americans agree with them. They are wrong, and it's time for decent Americans to stand up and say so.

Perhaps the best article on the sick racists that showed up to spread hate in Virginia was written by John Pavlovitz on his own blog. I believe what he has written deserves as wide a readership as possible, so I repost it below.

As a writer and pastor, my job is to weave together words so that those words will hopefully reach people in their deepest places; to frame the experience of this life in a way that is somehow compelling or creative or interesting, causing them to engage with the world differently than before.
But there are times when to do this would be actually be a disservice to reality, when any clever wordplay would only soften the jagged, sickening truth; when clever turns of phrase might succeed in obscuring the horrid ugliness in front of us.
Sometimes we just need to say it without adornment or finessing.
This is racism.

So I’m saying it.
We are not with you, torch-bearers, in Charlottesville or anywhere.
We do no consent to this.

So you can kiss our diverse, unified, multi-colored behinds because your racism and your terrorism will not win the day.
Believe it.

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