Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hank Gilbert Or Corporate Interests - You Choose!

"If you eat, if you use gas in your car, if you wear clothes, if you breath the air or drink the water in Texas, you should care about the election for Agriculture Commissioner." Those are the words of Hank Gilbert, Democratic candidate for Texas Agriculture Commissioner, and he is absolutely right. It does not matter whether you live in an urban or a rural area, the Ag. Commissioner will make and implement decisions that will affect your life.

Thank goodness, we have a real choice this year. As a rancher and a businessman, Hank Gilbert truly understands Texas agriculture from both sides - that of the producers and that of the consumers. His Republican opponent is the darling of the corporate interests, and is simply using the Ag. Commissioner's office as a stepping-stone to even higher office.

This gives Texas voters a clear choice. They can vote Republican, and watch the corporations continue to rape Texas, or they can vote for Hank Gilbert, and elect an honest man who will fight for the citizens of Texas. I have met Hank, and I was very impressed. Hank is a throwback to the time when honesty, hard-work, and helping your neighbor were important values. I wish all the voters could meet Hank, and talk to him for just five minutes. If they could, Hank would win in a landslide.

Hank is also adamantly opposed to the Trans-Texas Corridor. Talking about the TTC, Hank says, "Something don't smell right. And I know what a skunk smells like in the barn. And we got a big skunk in the barn." Drop by Hank's website and read for yourself why Hank opposes the TTC. He says it better than I could. If you oppose the TTC, then Hank is your candidate.

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