Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jimmy Buffet Concert Big Success For Kinky

It never hurts to have a friend supporting your campaign that can help you raise some big bucks. For Kinky Friedman, independent candidate for governor of Texas, that friend was Jimmy Buffet this week. Tuesday night, Buffet brought his act to Austin to help raise some much-needed cash for Kinky's campaign. After expenses, the concert raised about $300,000 [the concert had sold out only a few hours after tickets went on sale].

Kinky said, "It's going to be absolutely great to throw the politicians out of politics and the money-changers out of the temple. We're going to sweep them. If the people show up at the polls to vote it's a landslide for us and everybody admits that."

Kinky supporter Jim Krueger put it this way, "Why Kinky Friedman for governor? I'll tell you exactly why. The difference between a politician and a statesman is a politician thinks about the next election, a statesman thinks about the next generation. And Kinky thinks about the next generation, he's not worried about being a politician."

In other campaign news, Democrats are still lobbing charges of racism at Kinky. Bell supporter, Rep. Garnet Coleman referred to Kinky as a "class clown" and "the grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan". Kinky's campaign spokeswoman Laura Stromberg answered the charges yesterday. She said, "Texans who know anything about Kinky know that he's not a racist, and they're going to see through all of this political correctness very soon. The re-emergence of an old interview just weeks before the November 7 election indicates Mr. Friedman's opponents feel threatened by him. This is what they've got? Bring it on. Texans can see right through."


  1. So, what political appointment is Kinky going to offer Jimmy Buffet?

    John McCall gets offered a political appointment after being Kinky's number one politicial money changer.

    Willie Nelson gets offered a political appointment after doing some free media spots for Kinky.

    So what's Jimmy getting from Kinky?

    Would you please admit to yourself if not to me that if Perry went around offering political appointments to people who had no experience except supporting Perry's election campaign, you would nail him to the wall over it?

    P.S. When Laura gets done explaining away Kinky's punishment by Negro cellmate comments, she's still got one or two more to address. You should admit to yourself if not to everyone else that you would be disgusted by this conduct if it were by a Republican.

  2. I become more and more confident that Kinky will win the more that the liberals jump up and down about Kinky saying "tar baby", and talking about "nigger eggs," and saying criminals should be punished by being locked in prison with mumbling "negroes", and his talk of eating "fried chicken in the ghetto," and calling the blacks from New Orleans still in Houston over a year after Katrina "thugs and crackheads".

    We're in Texas, for God's sake. For every whiney liberal who gets his panties in a bunch, Kinky's comments are winning him three new votes!

  3. So how many Nee-Grows were there? any Hiss-panics? Any Jewboys? Or were there just a bunch of poor minded white folk?

  4. My money is on the poor white folks.

  5. If Jimmy Buffet was able to keep the microphone away from Kinky, I agree it was a big success.


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