Friday, September 29, 2006

Texas Senate Debate Is On !

Just received word from Barbara Ann Radnofsky's campaign that her opponent has finally consented to a debate. Kay Bailey Hutchison has ducked scheduling a debate for three months now, but it looks like she has finally been shamed into participating. Can't say I blame her for ducking the debate until now though. It doesn't quite seem fair to make her debate Barbara Ann Radnofsky. I expect Barbara Ann will beat her like a drum.

The debate is sponsored by the League of Women Voters, and will be held in San Antonio in the studios of KLRN. It will be taped at 7:30pm and broadcast at 9:00pm. Both candidates have agreed to the following rules:

a) There will be one nonpartisan moderator.
b) The panel will be nonpartisan.
c) The questions will be provided by the questioners.
d) The speaking order of the candidates will be determined by a drawing.
e) The responses will be timed.
f) There will be no campaigning in the room where the debate is held. Buttons, signs, literature, T-shirts, banners, etc. will be prohibited.
g) The audience will not be allowed to use audio or video recorders during the debate.
h) Audio and/or videotapes of the debate, in part or whole, cannot be used by any candidate or party for any purpose.
i) The candidates can bring to their respective podiums only paper and pen for the purpose of making personal notes during the debate.
j) Water will be provided.

Also, for you supporters of Senator Russ Feingold [which I am!], he will be in Houston on Saturday, September 30th, to help Barbara Ann Radnofsky raise some campaign funds. For further information, you can contact the campaign's communications director, Katie Floyd at 713-858-9391 or e-mail the campaign at

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