Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam's Execution Changes Nothing

Saddam Hussein is dead. He was executed yesterday by the current puppet government in Iraq. I am not sorry to see him go. He was a criminal responsible for the deaths of many innocent people.

Bush called the execution a "milestone" in history. If so, then it was a small milestone. The Saddam era was already over. It ended the day he was pulled from his hiding place, a hole in the ground, by U.S. troops. That is why his execution will change nothing in Iraq.

The current civil war in Iraq was not about Saddam. It is about who gets to control Iraq once we leave. The current government will not exercise control over Iraq after our soldiers leave. They cannot even control the country with our help.

Control will fall to one of two groups -- the Shiites [backed by Iran] or the Sunnis [backed by Saudi Arabia]. For a short time after the fall of Saddam's government, it was us against the insurgents. But that time has long passed.

It is now a civil war between the Sunnis and the Shiites, with our soldiers in the middle and hated by both sides. The only thing our troops are accomplishing is to prolong the civil war.

It is time to bring our troops home -- immediately.

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