Friday, March 16, 2007

jobsanger Is One Year Old Today

Today we celebrate our first birthday here at jobsanger. It was on March 16th of 2006 that we made our first post. It's been an eventful year for us.

We've met a lot of people and made some new friends. We've made it on the blogrolls of some blogs we really respect - not just in Texas, but also in places like Louisiana, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, and even in the United Kingdom. We appreciate all of our new friends, no matter where you live.

We haven't always toed the party line. I think we made a lot of progressives mad when we backed Kinky Friedman for governor instead of the Democratic candidate. Fortunately, most of them realized that we had a lot in common - more than our few differences. After all, progressives are thinking people, and you'll never get thinking people to agree on everything!

There have even been some unbelievable times - like getting a shoutout from Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, or being quoted by the Columbia School of Journalism's blog.

But most of all, We appreciate the readers. Whether you have been with us for a while or you just discovered us, we love you all.

Today, we start our second year, and we hope to have many more. Below I have reprinted our original post. It may not be our best, but it was our first:

March 16, 2006

Hello out there! This is my first blog and my first attempt at blogging, so if you do accidently drop by and read the blog, cut me some slack. I hope to get better over time.

This is not meant to be a news blog. This is an OPINION blog. This is my place to gripe, whine or blow my top when I get disgusted with politics, religion or culture in general. I am a left-winger who is not afraid of the "s" word. If you prefer to call me a socialist, that is fine with me.

I am not a religious person, but I believe all people should be free to practice whatever religion they wish or none at all. I don't get upset until you start pushing it down other people's throats.

I am a political Independent, since I see both the republicans and democrats as being corporate owned. Although I am male, I am pro-choice and consider myself to be a feminist. I believe in EQUAL RIGHTS FOR EVERYONE [no exceptions].

That should give you some idea of where I'm coming from. If you do read this blog, I hope you enjoy it and come back from time to time. Thanks!


  1. You picked a very good date to start your blog, one that I'll never forget. Because on the same day that jobsanger celebrated its first birthday, I celebrated my 57th!

    Happy birthday, jobsanger. I may disagree with a lot of the opinions posted here, but you cover a variety of international, national, state and local topics in a way that's passionate without being inflammatory. All the best in the months and years to come.

  2. Thanks for the kind words CT - it is appreciated.

    I hope you had a very happy birthday yourself.

  3. congrats on your one year, keep up the good work!

    and i have added you to the skippy blogroll!


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