Friday, March 23, 2007

Poor Internet Service

When we lived in the DFW metroplex, we had cable internet and it was excellent. But since moving up here to Amarillo, we have had nothing but trouble.

We subscribed to SuddenLink when we arrived here. So far, in the nearly two months we have had the cable internet service, we have yet to go a full day without our internet service being interrupted at least once. Most days it goes down several times.

Personally, I think it's an abnormally weak signal. We have had two or three service calls, and each time they tell us they have fixed the problem. They haven't!

This last time they told us we could get a signal booster for an extra $50. We are already paying nearly $200 a month for cable TV and internet service. For that kind of money, I think we should be getting a decent signal without paying even more!

I have to wonder - is this just us, or do other residents of Amarillo have the same problem with SuddenLink? I would love to hear from others about this. Is there a better service here? How do you get your internet service?

If you have a solution, please tell me - we're starting to get desperate here, and SuddenLink doesn't seem to have a solution.

NOTE - We'll be out of town and away from a computer for the next couple of days. Hope to get back to posting when we get back - that is, if the cable is working then!


  1. Everyone I know who has Cox/Suddenlink is experiencing the same problems. Supposedly it's due to the "changeover" but these problems have been ongoing for, like, a month. And I had constant outages when I was with Cox several years ago. So I don't truss 'em and haven't used 'em in years.

    I recently switched to Clearwire from dsl and I love it.

  2. Maybe the signal is being jammed by aliens.

  3. Have you considered Clearwire? They've got up to 1.5 MBps WiMAX internet service in Amarillo, but check this map to see if you're in range.


  4. We're totally disgusted with SuddenLink. It's not unusual to have to wait for hours to get online.
    I think we will try Clearwire. Maybe that'll fix the problems.
    (Unless it is the aliens!)

  5. we are already paying nearly $200 a month for cable tv and internet service. for that kind of money, i think we should be getting a decent signal without paying even more!

    for that kind of money you should get a lap dance with a happy ending.


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