Thursday, June 21, 2007

jobsanger Just Got Out Of Surgery blogging will be light in the next few days. He had a little mishap this morning that broke his elbow. Screws were required to fix it. So far, he is doing well. Like most of us, he hates being in the hospital with a fiery passion, but all things considered, he is taking it very well.

Please bear with us. As I said, blogging will be light, and don't be surprised if comments end up chilling in moderation longer than usual. Being his daughter, I plan to dote on him enough to get on his last good nerve, but as I know he loves this blog (and the blogging community), I will most definitely try to keep things moving along smoothly until he is well enough to take over again.


  1. CC -

    Let him know that we all wish him a speedy recovery, and that we are happy that it was his elbow and not his typing fingers that got screwed. :))

  2. Tell him get well soon from some of his blogging pals.

  3. OUCH!!!!! Nothing worse for a blogger than to have the elbow go out of commish! From a fellow DFWer, hope he gets well soon!

  4. From the folks at DosCentavos, get well soon! We need ya!



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