Monday, August 18, 2008

Republican Reps Not Chosen As Delegates

A few years ago, the Democratic Party created the position of "superdelegate". This allowed the Democratic senators and representatives to be delegates to the national convention, but left the normal delegate slots for grassroots party workers. But the Republicans have not done this, and many years a good portion of the delegate slots have been given to these elected officials.

But that doesn't seem to have happened this year. Although Both Republican senators have been given delegate slots, the representatives were not automatically given delegate slots.

According to the Texas party's national nominations committee chairman, Butch Davis, the party gave the delegate slots to grassroots party members this year. This has upset some of the representatives who were not chosen, like Joe Barton (pictured above).

Barton is angry, and as my grandmother would have said, he "throwing a hissy fit". Barton thinks the new policy is "pretty shortsighted", and said of it, "I’d say it was stupid."

Now the Republicans aren't saying that Barton can't go to the convention. In fact, they are offering him, and the other representatives, floor privileges. But that's not good enough for Barton. He seems to think he has a right to a delegate slot, and since he wasn't given one, he's not going to the convention.

I doubt if they'll miss him much.

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