Sunday, September 21, 2008

Choice Is Clear In District 129

Hurricane Ike has been devastating to the Texas coast, but it has done one good thing. It has made it clear to voters who the best candidate is in Texas House District 129. While the Republican incumbent left the district before the hurricane hit, Democratic candidate Sherrie Matula stayed at home in the district.

Even now, the Republican has gone to Austin for a campaign fundraiser. But Matula has reopened her office so she can help her future constituents. How much clearer could it be. One candidate is worrying about collecting campaign funds, while the other is worrying about the people living in District 129.

Sherrie Matula has reopened the campaign headquarters at 17300 Saturn Road in Houston. She is offering help to residents (of any political persuasion). If you need to use the internet, make faxes, recharge a cell phone or laptop, or just get out of the heat, the office volunteers will be glad to help you. They are also a good place if you have questions or don't know where you can receive help of any kind.

Matula's campaign volunteers will also be doing some block walking to pass out information to residents about where they can go to find out about Federal, State or local resources giving aid. They will also be making calls to district residents and keeping the office open on the weekend from 1-8pm.

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