Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My 1st Disagreement With Obama

I'm a progressive, so I usually prefer Democrats over Republicans because they are usually closer to my beliefs. But I don't drink the blue kool-aid, and anyone who has read this blog for a few months knows that I'm not afraid to take Democrats to task when I think they're wrong. However, I had hoped that I could wait until Obama had taken the oath-of-office before I had my first serious disagreement with him.

But I guess that's not to be. I have taken a stand against allowing Joe Lieberman to continue as part of the Senate Democratic Caucus. Now it looks like Obama has taken the opposite position. I still think he'll make a great president, but I simply cannot agree with his position on this issue.

An Obama aide has revealed that Obama and Majority Leader Reid spoke on the telephone, and Obama told him he doesn't want Lieberman thrown out of the Democratic Caucus. He's afraid it will look bad after his call for bi-partisanship and unity.

I agree with Obama that we need more bi-partisanship and unity, and I think he should give Republicans a seat at the table as long as they are willing to work seriously for real solutions to America's problems. But I cannot stand disloyalty and lying.

Joe Lieberman has been disloyal to his fellow members of the Democratic Caucus for months now. He also promised them he wouldn't speak against Obama at the Republican Convention, but just speak for McCain. He lied, and he quickly broke that promise. The man just CANNOT BE TRUSTED, and should be kicked out of the caucus.

Frankly, Lieberman is no longer Obama's problem. When the new Senate Democratic Caucus meets, Obama will be president and whatever the Democratic Senators do will not reflect on him. He should just stay out of this affair, and let the Democratic Senators do what they need to do -- kick Lieberman to the curb.


  1. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  2. Nice post & nice blog. I love both.


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