Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Legislators Threaten El Paso Council

Recently, the El Paso city council voted 8-0 to support a resolution asking the federal government to consider the legalization of drugs. This was not to support drug use, but to recognize that the "war on drugs" has caused much more damage to our country and our neighbors than drug use ever has or ever could. But the resolution was killed by a veto from the city's mayor.

Last Tuesday, the council voted on whether to override the mayor's veto. The motion to override failed on a 4-4 vote. Why did four council members change their vote? Three of the four said it was because state and federal legislators had threatened to cut off funds the city badly needed.

Let me make that clear. The state and federal government is so invested in the failed "war on drugs" that they cannot even discuss the feasibility of legalizing drugs. And if a city suggests the policy may be wrong, they are threatened with the cutting off of state and federal funds. That's a sad commentary in a country that says it values freedom of speech.

Who are these legislators who would threaten a city that dared to disagree with them on an important issue? The state legislators are Joe Pickett, Chente Quantanilla, Joseph Moody, Norma Chavez and Marisa Marquez. On the federal side, it is Rep. Silvestre Reyes.

These legislators would like us to think they are protecting the American people, when in actuality, the only thing they are protecting is a failed government policy that has resulted in the loss of thousands of lives, and the creation of numerous crime empires and drug gangs that have destroyed many neighborhoods.

They seem to think the American people would rush out and become drug users and addicts if it weren't for our drug laws. It's just not true. The people who want to use drugs are already doing so, and the laws did nothing to stop them.

There is absolutely no proof that drug use would rise significantly if drugs were legalized. In fact, in a recent Zogby Poll, respondents said exactly the opposite. Around 99%, said they would not start drug use if cocaine and heroin were legalized.

Simply put, the American people are not nearly as stupid as the government thinks they are.


  1. This is such a great post that I wish I could say that I wrote it. But I'm very glad that you did write it!

  2. Don't you get it yet? You think the cartels are going to let it become legal? How naiive! No, once they heard about the city vote they bought themselves politicians . The mayor was already in their pocket. alaong with the federal representatives. Itr will NEVER be legalized until the corruption ends. Did you ever wonder how they get in 25000 metric tons of weed a year. How much does a border patrol agent make? Think real hard and maybe you will figure this out one day. And who is turning their head? DEA< ICE< because that would mean they would be cut way back. Dont ya see? This game has been fixed for 30 years.


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