Thursday, March 25, 2010

Neugebauer Raises Money From Bad Manners

As you probably know by now, Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas) showed all of America his poor upbringing, lack of common decency and atrocious manners the other day. While one of his cohorts in the House of Representatives was trying to speak on the health care reform bill, it was Neugebauer (pictured) who yelled "baby killer" at him.

Regardless of what a person's politics are, this is inexcusable behavior. Neugebauer (who represents the district around Lubbock, Texas) embarrassed his constituents, his state and the nation with his inappropriate antics. He did offer a poor apology to his fellow congressman, saying he meant the bill was a "baby killer" and not the congressman.

Regardless of who or what he was referring to, his actions were our of order and out of place in the House of Representatives (and if he didn't know better, he should have). Neugebauer needs to learn to control his temper and vent his anger at a more appropriate time and place, instead of interrupting and name-calling on the floor of the House.

But evidently, that still has not sunk in to Neugebauer's thick skull. After his rather poor apology, Neugebauer quickly acted to let his constituents know that he really didn't mean it. In fact, he is now trying to make some quick campaign cash off of his poor behavior. He has put out a fund-raising video the very next day where he says, "I will continue to speak with the same passion that I spoke last night, maybe in a little bit different forum, but still with the same intensity."

Neugebauer should have been ashamed of his unbelievably boorish behavior. Instead, he is proud of it. So proud of it that he thinks he can turn it into instant cash. Sadly, he probably can. There are many teabagging right-wingers in Texas, whose own behavior is equally bad, and I'm sure they will be quick to reward his ill-manners with cash donations.

I am personally appalled by this. Whatever happened to good manners -- where ladies and gentlemen can disagree with one another politically and still act in a respectful way toward each other? My parents taught me respect and good manners, and I expect nothing less from my children. Obviously, that didn't happen in a lot of families, or we wouldn't have this kind of behavior.

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