Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Cost Of Stupid

The folks at Pundit Kitchen remind us that nothing is more expensive than stupid. And for those who didn't learn this from the administration of Bush/Cheney (who took a budget surplus and turned it into a giant budget deficit), here's a new group who would love to drive the point home. To quote Texas comedian Ron White, "You can't fix stupid". Fortunately, we can vote against it.


  1. The juxtaposition of the photograph notwithstanding, I have to agree with at least the written message of this post.

    A couple of weeks ago, NBC's Meet the Press posted some statistics about unemployment that were so stunning, I paused the podcast and wrote them down so I'd be sure to get it right.

    Unemployment Rate - August 2011 (Age 25 and over)

    Less than High School: 14.3%
    High School: 9.6%
    Some College: 8.2%
    Bachelor's or higher: 4.3%

    (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

    These statistics should be required reading for every high school student who can't be bothered to study and stay in school. Eventually, it will catch up to you.

    Can't afford to go to college? Join the military and use the GI Bill, tuition assistance, or both. That's how I financed my two Master's degrees. If you've done well enough in high school, you should be able to score high enough on the battery of tests to qualify for a military occupation other than the combat arms that may also be marketable in the civilian job market.

    Even with my two graduate degrees, I'm not currently working in either field (international relations or teaching foreign language), although I have in the past. But more importantly, I learned how to learn.

    If you know how to learn and what to learn to get ahead, and if you have the flexibility to change careers when necessary, you'll rarely if ever be left behind.


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