Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Throwing Down The Gauntlet

Amen to this! Found at the blog of the beautiful, intelligent, and very independent Yellowdog Granny.


  1. I've made this analogy on another blog, but I think it appropos.

    The current R candidates and leadership live in cacaphonous world of hyperventilation and overreach. They've been there for some time (about 15 years).

    When they hear "we are being taken back to the dark ages..." they translate it to: "oh dear, hear we go again".

    They don't see that a real rage similiar to 2010 is looming. They believe that everyone is just like them. They believe their own press.

  2. RIGHT ON, and to hell with Santorum!

  3. stay out of my uterus..they keep forgetting to wipe their feet.

  4. I really like this and support it... BUT...
    the 52% is wrong. Look at how many women support the repubs and the various religions. Luckily there are some adult males around so the total may well be over the 52%. Lets hope so. I wish there was a real democrat to vote for that might make things a little easier.

  5. I'd like to hold a "No More Pussy" protest of the Repug's war on women. Snap those thighs firmly shut, hetero, bi, and transgendered ladies, until all conservative men everywhere, their balls painfully purple, understand that we are not their powerless, voiceless receptacles anymore. This should work even on those conservatives christian men with their submissive, Stepford-like wives because they'll soon realize their mistresses won't put out and even prostitutes have better things to do with their time than service hate-mongers.


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