Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cowboys Get 5 Players On Draft's Final Day

Any player drafted in the first round is expected to immediately contribute to his new team, and should be a starter right away. In the second and third rounds the players might not be expected to be immediate starters, but if correctly picked, they should make the team and work their way into a starting position. The same cannot be said of players picked in the fourth through seventh rounds. They might turn out to be great players, or they might not even be on the team on opening day. We simply won't know until they get to training camp and compete for a position on the team.

But on the draft's third day, all teams are excited about the players they were able to pick in the final four rounds -- and the Cowboys are no exception. They drafted five players on day three, and hope that those players will turn out to be wise choices and real contributors to the team. Here are the five players chosen by the Cowboys in rounds four through seven:

Fourth Round, 18th pick (113th overall pick)
Kyle Wilber (6'4", 250), outside linebacker, Wake Forest

Fourth Round, 40th pick (135th overall pick)
Matt Johnson (6'1", 212), safety, Eastern Washington

Fifth Round, 17th pick (152nd overall pick)
Danny Coale (6'0", 200), wide receiver, Virginia Tech

Sixth Round, 16th pick (186th overall pick)
James Hannah (6'3", 245), tight end, Oklahoma

Seventh Round, 15th pick (222nd overall pick)
Caleb McSurdy (6'1", 245), inside linebacker, Montana

Now that the draft is over, the Cowboys can get busy trying to sign some undrafted free agents. Most of them will just be fodder for training camp, but the Cowboys have been as good as any team in finding some real players among the undrafted -- remember, Romo and Austin were both undrafted free agents.

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