Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blizzard In Texas

This is Amarillo (Texas) the day after the blizzard hit (over 18 inches of snow with 35 to 50 mph winds). I've only lived in Amarillo since January of 2007, but have already experienced two blizzards (the only two I've been in ever). Every single road in the 26 county Panhandle was closed -- and two days later, we're still trying to dig out.

I guess this is just the price we pay for having nicer summers than the rest of Texas (it is normally 5 degrees cooler here than other parts of Texas and the air is dryer -- making the summer more tolerable).

Picture is from the Facebook page of Amarillo's KISS FM 96.9.


  1. Stay safe -- and warm, Ted.

  2. Thanks Perry. No real problem so far for me.

  3. Cooler in Amarillo than the rest of TX? Then I don't ever want to go to the rest of TX. Holy smokes, I was there in 1993 and it was hotter than Hell.

    Also grinds me that people see these blizzards and say it is proof that global warming is a myth/hoax. On the contrary, it lends credence to AGW. Higher temps create more energy which stirs the atmosphere. Pulls the cold northern temps to meet the warm wet southern temps and you have a blizzard.


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