Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rich Should Pay A Bit More In Taxes


  1. No, they would be the richest people in *my* country, or in the West Indies, or the Maldives, or where-ever there is plenty of sunshine and *lower* tax rates. Should you doubt me, ask that nice M. Hollande who whacked up top rates to 75% and the main result has been a hefty rise in London property prices as the 'les millionaires Francaise' dash 'over here' to escape. Now what was that famous saying, 'send me your rich, send me your taxed . . .'

  2. US: The Worst Income Inequality in the Industrialized World. Thirty years in the making, it will take a lot more than a "bit" to restore the imbalance.

  3. There is only one way that this could happen.
    Vote for any party BUT NOT for demoncrats or re-puke-ians.
    ANd when it comes to democrats look at their voting records before voting for them.
    I don't mentions republicans because they are all re-puke-ians.

  4. @L.Long: So who should Americans vote for?

    Jest askin'!


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