Sunday, June 29, 2014

The First Christians Were Also The First Communists

Acts 2: 44-45


  1. A vision that very few xtains will ever admit to much less live by.

  2. exactly! all men working together to ensure that all are fed, clothed, sheltered and able to receive health care on an equal basis is not a bad thing. it's a shame that the bulk of the earth allows the residents of this world go hungry, live with little to no protection from the elements and deny so many of the health care that they need.

  3. Yeppers, I reference this one regularly.

  4. Piffle!

    As usual!

    And as usual, inaccurate piffle!

    Christian charity to the poor is a personal matter for individuals to undertake on their own as part of their relationship to their God. Nowhere in the bible does it say that governments must organise this sort of activity. In fact, leaving governments to undertake such things would relieve the *individual* of his or her responsibility which would be antithetical to Christian beliefs.

    1. I'm curious, where in this post does the statement made advocate that the government has anything to do with the first Christians being led in a manner that is the very picture of communism?

      (David, I hope that you noticed the capitalization. I made sure that i included it for you.)

    2. ANd I double down on your 'Piffle'!!
      Surveys have shown that yes xtians claim to do charity BUT... most do so thru church donations or dues.
      So how much goes to charity??? No matter what you claim it is wrong because if you can't show documented evidence that the church gave X amount to charity --- YOU Don't have a clue!!! Because the dishonest practices of church are not open to inspection as are other secular charities. And even so xtians may appease their feelings by donating to church but that is not the intent of the gospel statement. But then I could be wrong as I can only read the words as I do not have an imaginary friend speaking in my head.

  5. Maybe you need to reread your bible. This passage in Acts sounds like the very definition of communism to me.

  6. 'E' for effort, Brian but there was still one error, so fifty lines by teatime!

    Still none of you appear capable of understanding that the relationship between a Christian and his God is *personal* not, so to speak, corporate. As a Christian you are obliged by your belief to follow the teachings of Christ and on that you will eventually be judged. Of course, many Christians fail in that endeavour. Why? Because they are Men, and therefore fallible - whodathunkit?

    So by all means pick out individual Christians and chide them if it makes you feel better about yourself, and by all means criticise the man-made institutions which claim to represent Christianity when they fail. But, do not ever forget that Christianity as preached by Christ ignored the world of politics and, so to speak, 'corporations' - 'render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's' was his only instruction in that regard. Meanwhile, he urged that your task as a Christian is to act in an individual way as laid down in the ten commandments and when you die you will be judged by what you did as an individual, not whether you were a member of the Marxist party!

  7. I don't find any teaching of Jesus that says charitable acts must be individual acts -- just that it was a christian duty to take care of the poor. If Jesus exists, I think he would approve of food stamps, Medicaid and other programs to help the poor, because it is an easy and efficient way to accomplish that task (and most churches and "individuals" don't meet that burden).

    P.S. -- If christianity is "individual", then what are churches for?

  8. By the way, what "Marxist" party are you referring to? While the word doesn't scare me (and I believe a lot of what Karl Marx said is true), if you are trying to smear the Democratic Party by calling it Marxist, then you are way off base. You know that most Democrats are not Marxists, and neither is President Obama (or our next president Hillary Clinton).


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