Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Last Republican Lie About Obamacare Is Being Exposed

Last month I wrote a post about all the falsehoods the Republicans have told about Obamacare -- and how they have all been exposed as the outrageous lies most of us knew they were. That is, all but one -- the claim that Obamacare would cause huge premium increases for health insurance. That one couldn't be exposed until we saw what the insurance companies were asking for next year premiums.

Well, many of those premium requests from the insurance companies have now come out, and the Kaiser Family Foundation has taken a look at those requests. The 16 major cities on the chart above have received their requests for 2015, and they certainly don't show any radical raising of premium prices. In fact, the premiums will be falling in seven of the cities, and the largest increase requested is 8.7% in Nashville (certainly not out of line with previous premium increases).And the average of all 16 cities is actually a small decrease (-0.8%) over 2014's premium average.

This is a pretty representative sample of the cities across this nation -- and there is no reason to believe when other cities receive their final premium requests they will be any different from those above. The last excuse the Republicans had for bad-mouthing Obamacare is being exposed. It is now clear that absolutely none of their outrageous claims were true -- and the American people will start to realize that as the new premium costs are announced.

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