Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Donald Trump Is A Liar (And A Racist And Bigot)

(These images are from The Washington Post.)

If you had any doubt about the reckless stupidity of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, this should settle that doubt. The top image is a tweet by Trump. In it, he claims that 81% of Whites that are murdered, are murdered by Blacks. Trump didn't create the image he tweeted. It was created by a white supremacist. Trump just tweeted it without bothering to check whether it was true or not.

Trump, or one of his assistants, could have easily checked on the truth of the meme. All it would have taken is a quick trip to the website of the FBI. The second chart shows the FBI statistics on the race of murderers and their victims. Note that the percentage of White victims killed by Blacks is actually only 14.8% -- nowhere near the 81% tweeted by Trump. The fact is that most victims are killed by someone of their own race (and 82.4% of White victims are killed by other Whites).

Trump didn't bother to check the facts, because he doesn't care about facts. He says what he wants to say, whether it is true or not, because he knows what the racist and bigoted base of the Republican Party wants to hear. Facts and truth are just a nuisance to Trump. He knows that his supporters won't bother to check on the truth of his remarks, because they don't care about truth either (if it goes against their preconceived beliefs). They are just happy to hear a candidate that is as racist and bigoted as they are.

This is not the only example of Trump disregarding the truth for political gain. He jumped into the lead in the GOP presidential race by demonizing Mexican immigrants -- calling the rapists and criminals (even though the crime rate among undocumented Mexican immigrants is far lower than among the general population in this country).

Now he is trying to demonize the muslims in the United States. A few days ago, he said that right after the 9/11 tragedy he saw video of thousands of New Jersey muslims cheering the tragedy. The problem is that it never happened. There is NO video of American muslims cheering the devastation in New York (even though another GOP candidate, Ben Carson, says he also saw the non-existent video).

The truth is that the overwhelming majority of muslims in New Jersey (and throughout this country) are decent people and good citizens -- and they were just as horrified as other Americans over the 9/11 tragedy.

Trump lied about Mexican immigrants, about Black on White crime, and about the reaction of American muslims to 9/11. He lied because he is a racist and a bigot -- just as racist and bigoted as his Republican supporters.

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