Tuesday, November 17, 2015

GOP Governors Ready To Give ISIS What It Wants

The letter displayed above is from Governor Greg Abbott of Texas -- saying he will refuse to accept any Syrian refugees in Texas. He is not the only one. As I write this, at least 15 governors have done the same (most of them Republicans).

Frankly, I am shocked at this action. It's either a crass example of political opportunism, or it's a pathetic surrender to ISIS wishes -- maybe both.

What goals do ISIS hope to attain by doing terrorist acts (like the one in Paris)? I believe there are three goals -- to make it's opponents fear them, to stop the flow of refugees out of Iraq/Syria, and to drive Western powers out of the Middle East.

That last one is not going to happen (although it probably should, for other reasons). There are too many politicians using the violence in the Middle East to try and garner votes for themselves, and too many corporations making a ton of money off of the continuing violence. But ISIS may be well on the way to achieving the first two goals (thanks to politicians like these governors).

ISIS doesn't like the flow of refugees out of territory they hold (or areas where violence is prevalent). It gives them a bad name. They want those refugees to stay where they are, and to submit to the tyrannical rule of ISIS -- but they don't have the ability to stop the refugee exodus. If Europe and the United States bans those refugees from entering, then they will have accomplished one of the ISIS goals for them.

that would also show ISIS that the West fears them. If the United States ceases to be a free and open democracy, and denies its history of helping refugees, then they will be displaying that fear for the world to see -- and that would make ISIS terrorists and leaders dance with joy.

Showing fear and refusing to accept refugees would be bending to ISIS demands -- and would in my opinion, be tantamount to at least a partial SURRENDER. Do we really want to do that? Are we as a people that pathetic? I say NO.

Add to the tradition of America helping and accepting refugees, we also have a moral imperative to accept at least a good share of these refugees -- especially considering that it was this country (the Bush/Cheney administration) that lied to start this whole mess by unnecessarily invading Iraq.

Are we a strong and free country, or are we so weak and afraid that we will knuckle under to terrorists. These governors have chosen to surrender.


  1. This has nothing to do with ISIS or terrorists! It has to do with slapping down on immigration.

  2. What good is having power if you have no-one to rule

  3. I like all the (usually reasonable) pundits saying that we should be okay with this because, "Look at the polls!" These are the same people who claim politicians should lead and not look at the polls. What's more, it is a year before the next election. The Republicans shutdown the government in 2013 and won a landslide in 2014. Why not do what's right and depend upon the American people to do what they always do: forget.

    I do like Martin Longman's contention that these governors are "bet wetters."


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