Monday, May 09, 2016

Sanders Is NOT The Democrat Most Likely To Win

The Democratic race is almost over, and thankfully, Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic presidential nominee. Some Bernie supporters are holding on, hoping they can convince hundreds of "super delegates" to change their votes at the convention. They point to polls that show Sanders could beat Trump in a head-to-head match-up -- with some of those polls showing him doing better than Clinton (who also beats Trump in almost every poll).

But those Bernie supporters are overlooking something -- and it is a very big something! The Republicans have been attacking Hillary and spreading lies about her since 1992 (about a quarter of a century). But they have not attacked Bernie. They have not attacked Bernie because he is the person they wanted to run against (since they are terrified of Clinton).

But if he were to somehow get the nomination, you can bet they would immediately release a barrage of attacks against him -- and they would look a lot like the image below. That image is from a Libertarian website, but you can bet the GOP attack would be very similar. They will jump all over the fact that Bernie proudly calls himself a socialist (and they know most Americans don't know the difference between a socialist and a communist).

Would it work? Of course it would! Americans, thanks to decades of anti-socialist propaganda, do not understand socialism -- and they are afraid of it. Note the chart above from the Gallup Poll. Only 35% of Americans have a positive opinion of socialism. There are higher percentages with a positive opinion of capitalism, the federal government, and Big Business (and many Americans are angry with those last two).

Bernie would not just lose in November -- he would lose badly. I know many Bernie supporters don't want to admit it, but Hillary is our only chance to keep Trump out of the White House -- and that's why the "super delegates" will not change their votes.

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  1. Ted, it is far more than anti-Socialist bias in this case. After all, there are 'types' of socialism, and, even going back to my Vietnam days, the one group you never wanted to be involved with was the Socialist Workers Party, which was viewed pretty much, among the left, the way Crus is by Republicans. (Occasionally useful, but don't get too close.) Yet Bernie ran as an elector for the SWP, in 1980, at a time when they were declaring solidarity with tha Ayatollahs as they kept American hostages. At that point Bernie forever lot the chance to either connect to the American people OR to dare critize anyone for 'poor judgment.'
    I am actually not sure if I personally could vote for someone who took that level od an anti-American position, I am proudly a Liberal, a left-leaning liberal, but I've never been afraid, as well, of proclaiming my patriotism and love of a country that Kroo knows is frequently wrong, but when it DOES live up to its ideals...
    The tape praising the 'values' -- instead pf the achievements -- of Castro and the Ortegas won't help. but even worse are some of the many contradictions, where Bernie said -- in quotes that are 'Deathstars' to his campaign -- that he wanted to see private charity ended because it should be the government's job, and at the same time celebrated and praised people who kept their kids home from school because, apparently, government is incapable of doing that right.
    Then there were the political sex stories from the early 70s, where Bernoe basically declared that one way the 'revolution' began was with children disobeying their parents to run naked, amd later, it grew when a girl said 'yes' to her boyfriend against her parents' wishes. (Even Bernie couldn't imagine a world where the womam was the one to want, suggest, or initiate se.)
    Of course, there is nothing wrong about either childhood nudity, teenage sex or rebellion, but imagine how the Republicans will combine tis with votes against the Amber Alert system, and against making computer generated child porn illegal. (I would agree with all the positions except against the Amber Alert, but I wouldn't need to explain them to people already riled and roiled by the Jerome Corsi book of lies you know is waiting for him.)
    If it had become a Trump-Bernie race, the only question for most people, including me, is which third party to go with.


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