Thursday, October 18, 2018

New CNN Poll Has O'Rourke Trailing By 5 To 7 Points

This poll shows Democrat Beto O'Rourke in better shape than a couple of other recent polls have shown, but still trailing Republican Ted Cruz by 5 points (registered voters) to 7 points (likely voters).

It is the CNN / SSRS Poll -- done between October 9th and 13th of a sample of 862 registered voters (and 716 likely voters). The margin of error for registered voters is 4.1 points, and for likely voters is 4.5 points.

It is important to remember that a poll is just an educated guess as to what the public is thinking. It does not guarantee any candidate a win (as we learned in 2016). Candidates are only elected by getting a majority of the votes cast. Democrats (and Independents) can still elect O'Rourke if they flood the polling stations on election day (and in early voting).

Don't give up until the last vote is counted!

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