Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Democrats Need To Stop Trying To Demonize Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi has always been a good Democrat. She supports the liberal agenda. She is intelligent, knows the House rules better than anyone, and is not afraid to stand up to Donald Trump. She played a critical role in getting Obamacare passed. She is also the only woman in House Democratic leadership.

Those are facts.

I understand why the Republicans tried to demonize her in the 2018 election campaign. They didn't have Hillary Clinton to attack anymore, and they needed a Democratic woman to attack to please their misogynistic base. Pelosi was the obvious choice.

But I do not understand why some Democrats (mostly my fellow progressives) want to also demonize her. Do you not realize that you are playing into the Republicans' hands? Don't you realize that with the White House and the Senate in GOP control, the House Democrats need to be unified? Don't you understand that the women of America (who are largely responsible for the new Democratic control of the House) will not be happy with an all-male House leadership?

I understand the call for younger Democrats to take more leadership positions in the party. That will come. Nancy Pelosi is 78 years old (and will turn 79 in March). She is not going to be Speaker for very long. But we need her experience and leadership for the next couple of years -- while younger women and minorities get the experience needed to assume leadership. Their time will come, but this is not that time.

The whole thing smells of misogyny to me. Stop it! Don't play the Republicans' game and do their dirty work for them.

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