Sunday, October 06, 2019

Sanders & Warren Lead The Pack In 3rd Quarter Donations

The leading candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination have announced their third quarter fundraising.

Bernie Sanders led all the others in the amount he raised. He received $25.3 million, much better than the fourth place he finished at in the 2nd quarter. But Warren was not far behind -- moving from a third place finish in the 2nd quarter to second with $24.6 million.

Biden and Buttigieg did just the opposite. Buttigieg moved from first in the second quarter to third this time with $19.1 million. Biden went from second to fourth with $15.2 million.

Kamala Harris repeated her 2nd quarter performance. She got $11.8 million then, and got $11.6 million in the 3rd quarter. Yang finished sixth, raising his 2nd quarter total of $2.8 million to about $10 million in the 3rd quarter. Cory Booker finished a poor seventh with slightly over $6 million.

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