Thursday, November 07, 2019

Over $130 Million Has Already Been Spent On Prez Race

The chart above is from It shows the spending in the presidential race for the biggest Democratic and Republican candidates. Over $130 million dollars has already been spent on advertising -- and we are still a year away from the general election (and nearly 3 months away from the first primary voting.

The biggest spenders, so far, are Tom Steyer and Donald Trump -- the richest candidates in the race. Together, they have spent $78.5 million.

By next November, a record amount of spending will be done by the presidential candidates.

We need to change this system.

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  1. The only winners at the end of this long and drawn out process will be the corporate media giants. Free speech is far from being free. The citizens of the United States own the airwaves. For the sake of political sanity, a certain portion of each hour of air time beginning 12 months before the presidential election should be set aside for free advertising for the candidates.


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