Saturday, February 01, 2020

GOP Senators Vote For Cover-Up Instead Of Fair Trial

Republican Majority Leader said before the Senate trial of Donald Trump that he wanted a short trial with no witnesses and a quick vote to leave Trump in office. He has now gotten most of that.

On Friday, 51 Republican senators voted to not have any witnesses called. All 45 Democrats, both Independents, and 2 Republicans (Collins and Romney) voted to call witnesses.

The American people knew that witnesses were required to have a truly fair trial. Poll after poll showed over 70% of them wanted senators to hear from witnesses (especially John Bolton who was in position to know exactly what had happened. The refusal to hear witnesses by Republican senators is a slap in the face to American voters.

They now have until November to explain to the voters why they opted for a cover-up instead of a fair trial. I don't think they can do that. I think the vote they took will help Democrats in the general election.

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