Thursday, May 13, 2021

What Are Authorities Trying To Hide In Shooting Of Brown?

One day after the conviction of Derek Chauvin in Minnesota, there was another police killing of an unarmed Black man. This time it was in North Carolina. But while the country was able to see what happened to George Floyd in Minnesota, very little is being released about the shooting of Andrew Brown, Jr. in North Carolina.

A few family members and one of their attorneys were allowed to see a 20 second snippet of the shooting from one officers body camera, and they were not given a copy of that. But there were seven officers on the scene -- all with body cameras. Why weren't the daily and their attorney allowed to see ALL of the footage from all officers -- and why weren't they given copies of all that footage. 

What are the authorities trying to hide? If the shooting was justified and there's nothing to hide, why isn't all of the footage being released to the public? There's something wrong here, and the public deserves to know what it is!

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