Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Deporting Haitians At The Border Is WRONG! Let Them In!


There are 15,000 or so Haitians on our border, and the Biden administration has started a process to deport them back to Haiti. I disagree with this policy. Haiti is already a country in trouble -- having recently suffered another earthquake and having just had their leader assassinated. Sending these immigrants back just compounds the misery of both them and their country!

I know that letting immigrants into this country is not currently politically popular, but we should do it anyway. Even double or triple the number wanting in is a drop in the bucket compared to our population of over 330,000,000. The white supremacists won't like it, and will whine about letting more non-whites into the country, but the truth is they would make almost no difference at all in the population ratio.

And they would help the country. We currently have many jobs that need filling, and these immigrants would take the lowest paying and most dangerous of those jobs -- not the high-paying jobs that American citizens want. They are desperate, and will take what's available to them. And letting them take those jobs will help them to start building a better future for themselves and their families.

Giving them green cards will not only allow them to work, but also to begin paying taxes. By taking the lowest-paying jobs, them won't immediately pay much in income taxes, but they will be paying Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid taxes. And with those programs needing more money coming in, that would help them.

The truth is that our population is not growing enough to take care of the economy. We need more immigrants -- not less -- just to maintain a healthy economy. And these people, who have endured numerous hardships to get here, are the kind of people we need.

We should weed out the violent criminals and drug dealers, but the rest should be admitted. It's the decent thing to do, and it's needed. Stop compounding the misery! Do what's best for these people and our country!

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