Sunday, October 03, 2021

Democrats Are Just Being Democrats - The Bills Will Pass

The news media has been rife with stories about the war (rift) in the Democratic Party. They look at the top-down Republican Party (where Trump gives the orders and everyone marches in lock-step), and assume the the Democratic Party just do the same. But that has never been how things work in the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party is a big tent party. It has liberals, moderates, and conservatives -- and it includes people of all colors and religions (including no religion). It is natural for such a wide assortment of people to disagree -- and they do frequently. As a life-long Democrat, I remember butting heads with fellow Democrats many times -- on issues and candidates. I also remember shaking hands (or hugging) those same Democrats after a decision has been made, and working with them. That's what Democrats do.

And it's what they've always done. Decades ago, Will Rogers said he wasn't a member of any organized party -- he was a Democrat. There's some truth in that. Democrats argue, and it can look disorganized -- but they also get things done.

Republicans run people who disagree with them out of their party. Democrats don't. They fight, and then make-up -- and march together in unison.

And since that's what it is like for the base, it should come as no surprise that it works the same way for our elected officials. Some are elected from blue states or districts, and some are elected from purple states or districts -- and every now and then some are elected from red states or districts. And they will represent the people that elected them. 

That is what is happening now. The moderates and progressives are arguing about what should be in the Build Back Better bill, and what it should cost (and how it will be paid for). That is normality for the Democratic Party, and it is also normal for them to negotiate a solution. That negotiation is happening right now.

There will be a consensus solution. It won't be everything the progressives want, and it will be more than the moderates want, but it will be acceptable to both -- and it will be a huge benefit for the people of this country.

I believe that, because I've seen it happen time after time. 

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