Saturday, October 02, 2021

This Could Be A Disastrous Supreme Court Term

Much has been said about the Supreme Court possibly overturning Roe vs Wade as they consider a Mississippi abortion law. That is a worry. But it's not the only thing to worry about in this new term of the Supreme Court. gives us nine areas where the Supreme Court could make radical changes to the country's laws -- and most of them could be very bad. Here are the nine areas:

1) Roe v. Wade could be ended

2) The Court could eviscerate America’s gun laws

3) The Court could seize significant new authority to veto federal policies

4) The Court is likely to carve a new hole into the wall between church and state

5) The Court will reveal whether its sympathy for “religious liberty” claims extends to death row

6) The Court could further dismantle anti-discrimination laws

7) The Court will decide whether Puerto Ricans can be denied benefits

8) The Court will decide whether the US can hide evidence that it tortured people

9) The Court could make partisan gerrymandering even worse

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