Monday, December 21, 2015

Bernie And Hillary Both Make Me Proud To Be A Democrat

(This caricature of the Democratic presidential candidates is by DonkeyHotey.)

If you follow the news at all, then you are probably aware of the latest flap in the presidential campaign among Democrats. Some Sanders campaign staffers took advantage of the wall between campaigns being down on the DNC database, and they performed an unethical search of the Clinton database for information. All of the political pundits declared that this would result in a fight between Sanders and Clinton at their debate last Saturday night -- taking time away from the discussion of the serious issues facing our nation.

They were wrong. Bernie Sanders apologized to Hillary Clinton for the actions of some of his staffers, and Hillary Clinton graciously accepted his apology. Then they got down to discussing the real issues. In other words, they acted like the decent adults we know them both to be.

Isn't this how most of us were taught to act? When someone (or those acting on your behalf) does something wrong, you should apologize. And when someone you think has wronged you apologizes, you accept that apology. And then you both put it behind you and move on. That's what decent people do, and both Bernie and Hillary proved themselves to be good role models (and great candidates). And they made me proud to be a member of the Democratic Party -- the party with three great and very qualified candidates for the presidency.

I am a supporter of Hillary Clinton, and I will be voting for her in the Democratic primary. But if Bernie Sanders or Martin O'Malley were to somehow win the nomination, I would happily support and vote for them in the general election. I hope the supporters of Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley feel the same way. It is of the utmost importance that a Democrat be sworn in as president in January of 2017.


  1. You know, the contrast is remarkable.

    On on hand, you have Donald Trump, who couldn't admit he was mixed up about a news clip he thought he saw 14 years ago. Adults mess up all the time, and we admit it and move on. Trump refused to do that, even when it became clear he was wrong.

    Sanders, on the other hand, did what adults do. "This was bad, I am sorry, you deserved better." And everybody moves on.

    Like adults do in real life, you know?

  2. I'll vote for whom ever wins...who ever?


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