Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Polls Released For North Carolina And Florida

The Public Policy Polling survey was done on January 18th and 19th of a random sample of 461 likely Democratic voters and 433 likely Republican voters in North Carolina. The margin of error for Democrats is 4.6 points, and for Republicans is 4.7 points.

The Florida Atlantic University Poll was done between January 15th and 18th of a random sample of 383 likely Democratic voters and 386 likely Republican voters in Florida, and the margin of error for both is 4.9 points.

While the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire seem to be fairly close between Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (and Republicans Donald Trump and Ted Cruz), that is not the case in other states.

In North Carolina, Clinton leads Sanders by 33 points -- and in Florida by 36.3 points. And for the Republicans, Trump leads Cruz by 22 points in North Carolina and by 31.3 points in Florida.

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