Saturday, February 27, 2016

New Dem Polls: Georgia, Massachusetts, Virginia, & Florida

Georgia, Massachusetts, and Virginia will all vote in three days (March 1st). Florida will vote two weeks later (March 15). These are the latest polls on the Democratic presidential nominating race in those four states.

Georgia - WABE Poll (Feb 22-24) 400 likely voters (4.1 point moe).

Massachusetts - WBUR Poll (Feb 21-23) 418 likely voters (4.9 point moe).

Virginia - Roanoke College Poll (Feb 16-24) 415 likely voters (4.8 point moe).

Florida - Quinnipiac University Poll (Feb 21-24) 476 likely voters (4.5 point moe).

Florida - Public Policy Polling (Feb 24-25) 388 likely voters (5.0 point moe).

Massachusetts is the real surprise. Hillary Clinton has had large leads in Georgia, Virginia, and Florida for quite a while. But a couple of weeks ago, Bernie Sanders was leading Massachusetts. It now looks like Clinton may be turning the tide in that state. It would be devastating for Sanders to lose Massachusetts.

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