Monday, February 29, 2016

Southern "Super Tuesday" States Solidly Behind Clinton

Tomorrow, the Super Tuesday states will vote for their presidential choice. And just like in South Carolina, the Southern states voting tomorrow are solidly behind Hillary Clinton's candidacy for the Democratic nomination. She has a 26 point lead in Tennessee, a 20 point lead in Virginia, a 28-34 point lead in Georgia, and a 21-24 point lead in Texas. That's what the two latest polls of those states shows.

The NBC News / Wall Street Journal / Marist Poll:

Texas (Feb 18-23) 381 likely voters (5.0 point moe)

Georgia (Feb 18-23) 461 likely voters (4.6 point moe)

Tennessee (Feb 22-25) 405 likely voters (4.9 point moe)

The CBS News / YouGov Battleground Poll:

Texas (Feb 22-26) 750 likely voters

Georgia (Feb 22-26) 492 likely voters

Virginia (Feb 22-26) 471 likely voters

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