Monday, March 07, 2016

Bernie Sanders Wins The Maine Caucuses

Maine Democrats caucused on Sunday -- and the result was a 28 point victory for Bernie Sanders.

This is no big surprise. Maine is close to Sanders' home state of Vermont, it's 95% White, and it held a caucus instead of a primary -- all qualities that make it seem tailor-made for Sanders.

It's not a delegate-rich state though, with only 25 of its 30 delegates up for grabs through the caucuses. Sanders will probably get about 16-17 of those delegates, and Clinton will get about 8-9 delegates. That means Sanders will only make up about 7-9 delegates on Clinton's already large lead in delegates.

The campaign voting now goes to Michigan and Mississippi on Tuesday -- states where Clinton has a significant lead in the polls.

Here are the results of the Maine caucuses:

Hillary Clinton...............1232 (35.5%)
Bernie Sanders...............2231 (64.3%)

Here are the updated delegate totals:

Hillary Clinton...............1130
Bernie Sanders...............499

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