Monday, March 28, 2016

Jewish Voters Not Impressed By GOP Prez Candidates

We already knew that the Republican candidate for president (whether Trump or Cruz) was going to have a very tough time trying to win over Blacks, Hispanics, women, and younger voters. Now it looks like we can add another group to that foursome -- Jewish voters.

It turns out that more than seven out of ten (72%) Jewish voters have an unfavorable opinion of both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. That's 52 points more unfavorable than favorable for Cruz, and 48 points more unfavorable than favorable for Trump. Those are rather daunting numbers, and will be hard, if not impossible, to overcome by the November election.

So, who do Jewish voters like? About six out of ten have a favorable opinion of both Democratic candidates -- 61% for Bernie Sanders and 60% for Hillary Clinton.

These numbers were compiled by the Gallup Poll between January 2nd and March 21st.

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