Sunday, April 24, 2016

18 Of 19 G20 Countries Want Clinton As Next President

The YouGov Poll recently surveyed citizens in the G20 countries about who they preferred to see become the next president of the United States -- Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton (who are the odds-on favorites to get their party's nomination). Only one country chose Donald Trump -- Russia. All the other G20 countries chose Hillary Clinton -- with a margin of between 12 (China) and 54 (Mexico).I think it's pretty obvious that Trump scares a lot of the rest of the world, while they know and trust Clinton.

Clinton was also the preference over Bernie Sanders in every one of these countries. The smallest margin was in Canada -- where Clinton holds a 17 point lead over Sanders. The margin was larger in every other country.

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  1. Well, Russia prefers Trump...well, I suppose that that fact speaks for itself, considering who is President of Russia now.


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