Monday, April 25, 2016

Finally - A Poll Of Rhode Island Democrats Is Released

Five states will choose their Democratic presidential preference on April 26th. Three of those states have had several polls released -- Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Connecticut -- and those polls show Hillary Clinton leading in all three.

But Rhode Island and Delaware remained mysteries, probably because of their small size -- with Rhode Island having 24 delegates up for grabs on Tuesday, and Delaware also having 24. Now we finally have a poll showing the preference of Rhode Island Democrats.

It is the Brown University Poll -- done between April 19th and 21st of a sample of 436 likely Democratic primary voters, with a 4.6 point margin of error. It shows Clinton with a 9 point lead over Sanders, but with a large 16% of voters still unsure who they will vote for.

Sanders needs to not only win these April 26th states (including the low-delegate states), but he needs to win them by a huge margin to get himself back in the presidential race. That would mean he needs all of the 16% of unsure voters to vote for him (which is not likely). It looks like Tuesday is shaping up to be another big disappointment for Sanders.

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