Sunday, May 08, 2016

Message From Bill Maher To His Fellow Bernie Supporters

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One of Bernie Sanders earliest and strongest supporters was comedian Bill Maher. But he is not one of the "Bernie or Bust" crowd. He knows this election is far too important to sit at home because things didn't work out the way you wanted them to. Here, from, is his message to other Bernie supporters:

Bill Maher has made no secret of his support for Bernie Sanders in the democratic primary race. He’s endorsed him. He’s donated to his campaign. But Maher appears to believe the end is near, and he’s already delivering a message to his fellow Bernie fans about what they should and shouldn’t do next. His message: get behind Hillary Clinton if and when she becomes the democratic nominee, and vote for her over the republican candidate. Of course he put it more bluntly.

“Don’t be assholes,” Maher said during his HBO show Real Time last night to those Sanders fans out there who are threatening to stay home on Election Day in November and pout. Doing so could hand the country to a president such as Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, who are each fully antithetical to the liberal leaning values that Sanders has been promoting. Instead he wants them to pivot to Hillary. And based on his words, that time may be at hand.

Assessing the chances of Bernie Sanders in the democratic primary race, Bill Maher said that he “might be toast.” He went on to praise Bernie for his various stances. But he made clear that he intends to support Hillary Clinton once she’s the nominee.


  1. Of course. I think the Bernie supporters saying they will not support Clinton are mostly just young people who don't know themselves that well. People often make this claim in the heat of the primary, but in the general, they come home.

    But I disagree with Russell Simmons: I do not think that Sanders should drop out of the race. I discussed it yesterday on my blog, Bernie Sanders Shouldn't Drop Out. But there will come a time when I reverse myself on that point.

  2. now if Bernie will only say the same thing when he loses...

  3. I agree as a Bernie fan I will NOT vote for any rePUKEian for any reason!!!!!! Go!! Who ever gets the demoncrat ticket!!!


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