Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sanders Says He Will Vote For Clinton And Oppose Trump

(Caricature of Bernie Sanders is by DonkeyHotey.)

Bernie Sanders still has not suspended his campaign officially, but he is now coming very close to that. He recently told CNN that he would vote for Hillary Clinton in November, and admitted:

"I don't have the votes to become the Democratic nominee, you know that, I know that, we're good at arithmetic." 

He went a little further on MSNBC, again saying he would vote for Clinton, and said:

“I think the issue right here is I’m going to do everything I can to defeat Donald Trump.”
“I think Trump in so many ways would be a disaster for the country if he were to be elected president. We do not need a president whose cornerstone of his campaign is bigotry, is insulting Mexicans and Latinos and Muslims and women, who does not believe in the reality of climate change when virtually every scientist who has studied this issue understands this is a global crisis.”
“This is not somebody who should become president.”

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