Friday, November 07, 2008

Can We Dump Him Now ?

As Democrats, can we finally dump that turncoat prick, Joe Lieberman? It should have been done two years ago, when he ran against the Democratic Party candidate in Connecticut and won with the help of the Republican Party there. I really don't even understand why he wants to be a part of the Democratic caucus. The party rejected him, and he rejected the beliefs and values of the party.

Senate Democrats thought they needed him to maintain their slim majority in the Senate a couple of years ago. So they held their noses and watched him vote to support the policies of George Bush far too many times. But those days are over, and the little turncoat has stepped way over the line now.

Even during the primary, when the Democrats had many qualified candidates running for president, Lieberman made it known he would be supporting a Republican. Then to make matters worse, he becomes one of the featured speakers at the Republican National Convention.

At that convention he not only supports the candidate of the Republican Party, but he speaks ill of the Democratic candidate. He travels with McCain throughout the campaign, even after that Republican began to spread lies about the Democrat and tried to smear him. After all this, why would he still want to caucus with the Democrats? It's like a chicken wanting to party with Colonel Sanders -- it just ain't right.

Maybe Democrats are about to put this right and boot him out. Yesterday, Lieberman had a meeting with Senator Reid, and the two said they would be meeting a few more times while Lieberman "considers his alternatives".

I really don't see the need for any more meetings. Just take his chairmanships away and boot him out of the Democratic caucus. And as for alternatives, I only see two. He can caucus with his Republican buddies or be a loner, but the Democratic caucus should be off limits.

He has made his bed. Now let him lie in it.

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  1. Yes PLEEEEZ!

    Kick his skinny little arse out.. out... out...out...

    Loved the doghouse cartoon, btw.



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