Thursday, November 05, 2015

Clinton Has A strong Lead - Trump May Be Starting To Fade

Two new national polls now show Hillary Clinton with majority support among national Democrats. She leads Bernie Sanders by 31 points in one poll (62% to 31%) and by 18 points in the other (53% to 35%).

It gets more interesting among Republicans, where the same polls show support for Donald Trump could be starting to fade. He trails Ben Carson by 6 points in one poll (23% to 29%) and leads him by only 1 point in the other (24% to 23%). I still have trouble believing Carson could win the GOP nomination, and think the importance of these polls is in Trump's inability to grow his lead further. Both polls show Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz support growing, and both are now in double-digits in both polls.

The NBC News / Wall Street Journal Poll was done between October 25th and 29th of a random national sample of 400 Democrats and 400 Republicans, and the margin of error for both is 4.9 points.

The Quinnipiac University Poll was done between October 29th and November 2nd of random national samples of 480 Democrats and 502 Republicans. The margin of error for Democrats is 4.5 points, and for Republicans is 4.4 points.


  1. Carson/Trump near tie. Showing that most rePUKEians are bigoted as hell!!

  2. Yeah, but when will all the other GOP cr@p candidates (those with absolutely no chance) decide it's time to "suspend" their campaigns. All they do is bicker and blame the media for "gotcha" questions and they never really tell us what their plans are. The GOP debates are anything but debates. If the idiots in this country vote a Republican into the White House (like they have filled the state legislatures up with conservatives in the most recent statewide elections), I want to know if I need to leave the US and for how long.


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