Monday, November 02, 2015

Republican Whining Reaches A New Height Of Silly

(The cartoon image above is by Mike Luckovich in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.)

I'm not sure the last Republican "debate" should even be called a debate. It seemed to be just a whining session on how unfair the media (i.e., the moderators) were. Instead of answering the questions asked of them, the GOP candidates attacked the media -- accusing them of just asking unfair "gotcha" questions.

Now the RNC has joined the candidates in this ridiculous exercise. They have cancelled the next debate to be hosted by NBC. They are even talking about changing how the debates are held -- wanting to turn it into a speech-fest, with few questions from moderators. They seem to think GOP candidates should only be asked "softball" questions (approved of before the debate starts).

Contrast this with the October 13th Democratic debate. Every candidate in the Democratic debate answered every question asked of them, even the tough and seemingly unfair questions -- and they did it without whining. Then the leading Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, appeared before the Republican-dominated House Benghazi committee, where she answered every question asked for 11 straight hours (and almost all of those questions were unfair "gotcha" questions).

Frankly, this makes me even more convinced that none of these GOP candidates are competent enough to be president. Presidents must answer tough questions all the time, and they can't blame the media for asking those tough questions. These Republicans are just too thin-skinned and unqualified to handle the toughest political job in the United States.

I know why the GOP is doing this whining. It's because they have no answers to those tough questions. They still cling to failed economic and foreign policies -- policies that have done serious damage to this country. And they can't explain why they still support policies that have clearly failed. And many of them have told lies and made crazy statements -- statements they simply cannot defend in an open forum.

All I can say to these candidates is -- step up to the plate and answer every question asked of you. And if you can't stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

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