Wednesday, March 09, 2016

New Democratic Polls For Ohio, Illinois, And Florida

Now that Michigan and Mississippi have voted, the next primaries will be on Saturday (March 15th). Five delegate-rich states will vote on that day -- Ohio, Illinois, Florida, Missouri, and North Carolina. New polls have been recently released for Ohio, Illinois, and Florida -- and Hillary Clinton still has a large lead in all three of those states. She leads Bernie Sanders by 21 points in Ohio, by 42 points in Illinois, and by 31 points in Florida.

Ohio - Public Policy Polling (March 4-6) 508 likely voters (4.4 point moe).

Illinois - Chicago Tribune Poll (March 2-6) no info on number of voters or moe.

Florida - Bay News 9 / News 13 Poll (March 4-6) 823 likely voters (3.4 point moe).

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